Friday, March 26, 2010

Environmentally friendly choices. Or not. You choose.

While scrubbing dishes I was struck with a desire for inspiration from friends and acquaintances about ways to be environmentally friendly. Now, let me say, I am the furthest creation from a tree hugger that exists, and often find "earth friendly" products and ideas to be stupid. I think global warming is a crock. But, I think humans must be thoughtful of our environment - For our own sakes. Also, as a Christian, I believe God made us responsible for our planet. Here are two lists. One of things we (Tor and I) do or buy that we are environmentally proud of, the other of things we do or buy that we aren't proud of. FYI: Just because we're not proud of them doesn't mean we want to, will, or can change them. Reasons included in the latter list. Read and be inspired to earth friendliness or be enabled in earth unfriendliness. Whichever you choose. I'd love to see your lists; however short or lengthy. Have fun brainstorming.


- don't use paper plates.
- use earth friendly dish soap, dishwashing liquid and fragrance-free laundry soap.
- use the same razor! lol
- use Tom's toothpaste.
- use Sonicare toothbrushes.
- rarely chew gum.
- use vinegar as an all-purpose cleaner.
- don't smoke.
- take as few pills as possible. (residual comes out in pee to the water everyone drinks).
- don't use tupperware or plastic products for food storage.
- use saran wrap and foil rarely.
- keep the lights off and ambient temperature moderate.
- use earth friendly body soaps and shampoos.
- use glass cups and buy glass bottles whenever possible.
- use paper vs. plastic at the grocery.
- have a 1987 Honda that gets good gas mileage.
- buy products in paper cartons or glass packaging when available.
- don't put produce in plastic bags at the grocery.
- carpool alot.
- wear alot of cotton clothes and shoes.
- use mineral makeup foundation, eyeshadow and lip balm.
- breastfeed the babes.
- use bleach and comet, like, rarely.
- do online banking and get online statements.

Not proud.

- don't recycle. (It's an extra trip in Tulsa we don't make the effort for).
- drive a Suburban that gets terrible mileage. (Not worth the expense to be rid of yet).
- use disposable diapers and wipes. (Tried cloth and grossed out).
- use LOTS of paper towels. (I am clean ninja and visualize bacteria growing in rags and
- collect plastic bags, but forget to take them to Wal-Mart for recycling.
- use traditional toilet and floor cleaners. (I use less frequently and not buying them
is a way to save $).
- don't compost. (We live in an apartment and smelling a bucket on the deck is too gross).
- don't have a garden. (apartment thing again).
- don't plan on using all energy star appliances until they make them work better.
- only use those spiral light bulbs outside. (I heard that if they break, there's mercury
exposed. How stupid. Hello, toddler poisoning).
- use lotion and some lip balm with petroleum in it. (It works better than anything).
- use ziplocs. LOVE ziplocs...
- use like three trash bags a day.

Here you have the Nordstrom earth footprints and non-footprints. What are yours?

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Procrastination never pays off. Here's what the laundry looks like when Clare procrastinates putting it away in our respective closets. This is a lifelong habit that she's almost kicked, but occasionally she reverts to "the pile." This will only become more hazardous a habit as more family members arrive to live. Here you see:

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Bath Time is a favorite time! Especially when Dad washes our hair.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Josephine is a baby model. She models hats for several sellers sites! Check it out.

Earflap Hat 3 to 6 Months Pink Peach Orange Cream by preppypeach
3 Months to 6 Months Green Whimsey Crochet Baby by preppypeach
Winter 2009 en photo

Josephine's First Christmas!

Josephine is 1 year old.

Tor coffee catering a hospital physicians Christmas party.

Clare taking pictures of she and Josephine.

Vanna's is a good duck and goose retriever!

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Early Fall 2009

Fall has officially (kind-of) begun. It rains more and instead of being grateful the temperature lows are the the 80's, we're grateful they're in the 70's.

Tor is working - still with roasting coffee, owning the coffee shop, but also is selling high end pools and backyard landscaping. He is insanely good at selling anything, especially expensive things. He makes Clare want a negative edge pool with a waterfall, flagstone deck, and a spa - and we live in an apartment. Hello. Clare has to remind herself of that when the visions of pools and spas flash before her eyes.
Part of our pre-engagement counseling was discussing how couples - instead of trying to come to a mutually beneficial solution - will try to "sell" the other spouse on how great their solution is. Clare just laughed and said,

"Ha! Tor excels at that skill."

He has since excelled in separating Clare from customers. For that she is grateful. Coming to solutions became much easier.
All said, he is an excellent salesman - and could sell literally anything.
He rocks.

We just initiated our "date nights." Last night was the first one since Josephine was born. We left her with a babysitter (ahhh!! small scary) and set out to enjoy the presence of only each other. We had a fantastic time and were again reminded how glad we were we found each other. We had a blast eating White River Fish Market's whole fried Flounder with the world's greatest hushpuppies, then followed fish with Dulce de Leche cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory. Josephine was quite alright when we arrived home (asleep!), and we found the babysitter watching Pride and Prejudice. Peaceful and fun night. We are looking forward to making this a tradition once or twice a month.
Clare is tremendously enjoying working part-time. It's amazing how much difference removing one day of work can make in the life our small family. Food is cooked and on the table, the refrigerator is full, the bills are paid, the laundry is always done and house stays decently clean. Clare is almost finished with all the projects she's had on the back burner...some for a long time! The baby book is almost completed, the garage mostly cleaned out and Josephine's 0-6 month clothes are packed away with 9 months clothes in the drawer. The wedding memory book is next to call out for completion. Maybe it will be finished before our 5th anniversary in March. :)

Josephine is crawling around everywhere - requiring all breakables to be removed from grasp- level. We had some close calls with the crystal vases before Mom caught on.
She stands next to the table and wants so much to go from hands and knees to standing position on her own. She has almost mastered the task.
She eats with her hands now, and she and Cheerios are fast friends.
She has had a blast visiting with the Miller grandparents in Arkansas and meeting the Miller Aunts Bekah and Tiffany and Uncle Neil.
We look forward to several fall trips:

-Seattle - for Nordstrom/Ilvedson family time.

-Apple Festival - Johnny Appleseed left a legacy in Lincoln, AR that is so much fun to enjoy.

-Branson - Mike, Corinne and cousin Anders will grace us with their presence down south for a fall vacation. The Ozark trees will be at their prime and Big Cedar Lodge is calling our name. Anders and Josephine will have a big time. We'll need a red wagon and some rockin' family pictures.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

2009 Summer Life

Tor is:

- GREATLY enjoying being a father.
- Working extremely hard lately in
1. the coffee business
2. helping his friend with his pool business
3. starting a natural gas sales job
- Missing Vanna Girl, who is in Seattle with grandparents Pete and Joie to stay cool.
- Getting excited for hunting season, beginning with dove season September 1st.
- Obtaining unspeakable joy from watching Josephine grow and change.
- Working hard being Mr. Mom while Clare works.
- Looking forward to more grandparent time soon.

Clare is:

- GREATLY enjoying being a mother.
- Relieved to be working a busy 24+ hours a week as of last month vs. the hectic 36+.
- GRATEFUL for a husband who works hard for his family.
- Enjoying being a housewife and racing around to do housework while Josephine naps.
- Loving this season of life.
- Obtaining unspeakable joy from watching Josephine grow and change.
- Working hard being Mom while Tor works.
- Looking forward to getting Vanna home!
- Trying to stay cool in this awful Tulsa heat.

Josephine is:

- Blowing raspberries continually from her lips. Especially if she's mad. LOL. :)
- 14.5 lbs.
- Two inches longer than when she was four months old.
- Rocking back and forth on her hands and knees so fast we just know she'll take off at any minute.
- Crawling backwards.
- Learning to crawl forward.
- Missing her doggie.
- Laughing hysterically when Daddy plays with her or when she is tickled.
- Taking Diaper Dolphin classes because she loves the water so much.
- Eating and drinking everything in sight.
- Being Mommy and Daddy's absolute delight and center of their world.

Hopefully that catches everyone up on summer activities. Activity has been so continuous I haven't blogged at all. We are looking forward now to the fall that has quickly crept up on us; enjoy the last of the summer!

Adventures in Eating

Josephine is eating. Alot. She LOVES to eat! And, she is so adorable when she eats, we had to get pictures. So, brace yourself, here is an eating, growing, precious little girl! And after the cleansing bath. :)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Shots of cuteness

We had a photo shoot remaining of Josephine and the three of us that came with our maternity pictures. Enjoy and buy some - they're really cute.

Here is an appeteaser:

Go to "photos online"
Choose "Nordstrom Newborn"
Have some fun.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Memorial Day

Josephine had her first official lake day! We had SUCH a blast with Timothy and Rachel on their boat out at Lake Skiatook. After packing up lunch, supper, drinks and fishing poles, we set out for a fun day. Considering what day it was we should have been more prepared for the lake police, because of course, we got "pulled over" and didn't have an infant life jacket on board! Ah. Tickets, tickets. All was well, though, and we recovered quickly. :) The next day we went to Target and fixed that problem promptly. Not that the enormous life jacket would fit tiny Josephine, or save her from drowning, but the principal is what the cop was after apparently.

The guys caught several fish, the gals sunned ourselves and Punki screamed when we stuck her feet in the cold water. I guess we'll wait for the lake to warm up before trying the swimming thing again.